“Cosmic Angels” by Pyramids on Mars

Pyramids on Mars is the solo project of Canadian resident and guitarist Kevin Estrella. The latest album from the artist showcases many skills of Kevin as a musician. This 9 track album will take you on a journey that you must make sure you’re prepared for.

Do you feel like you’re flying on a dragon across a rainbow? Good, that means you’ve started the album “Cosmic Angels”. The album starts with “Interstellar”, a song that opens your mind to many things, a song that takes you through a series of events.

The beauty of this album is that each song feels connected so it’s almost as if you’re listening to a story, as the album goes on and you arrive at the self titled track “Cosmic Angels”, the galactic song takes you off to space, your dragon has now reached a surface that you’ve never seen. “Cosmic Angels” is the drug free trip that everyone needs.

“Luftpanzer [Air Tanks] (Nacht Waffen Part II)” provides a grunge, psych, rock vibe. This is the part of the album where the hero in his journey is frantically fighting for his life. The war that’s going on around you seems chaotic but yet it is still calm. You can start to relax as you move on in your journey.

“A Dolphin’s Paradise (Theera’s Theme)” gives you the chance to unwind mentally and physically, it’s a song that makes you feel as if you are floating above all the clouds. The album feels almost like every song could be in the video game Final Fantasy.

The album that takes you high can also bring you down to where you need to be. If you never listened to a sunset before, “Arcturian Sunset” is a great first time. The ending to the album is the exact slowness you need to end your travels.

Pyramid On Mars, is a band that you must listen to, it’s a project that is unique in several ways. To hear the story of the album “Cosmic Angels”, it will open and free your mind, you’ll feel a sense of relief after its ended. Almost as if you’ve finished having an amazing therapy session.

Take the journey with the “Cosmic Angels” and see why everyone is falling head over heels for the album.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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