“You Call This an Apocalypse?” by The Very Bad Days

Coming from Minneapolis is trio The Very Bad Days, you may not be familiar with them just yet but in the next 26 minutes you’ll see why they should be in your top band list. The group shares the vocals while Brian Reed brings the heartbeat with his bass skills, guitarist Aric Bieganek is keeping you engaged and Daniel Goodroad structures the songs with his drum skills.

The Very Bad Days describes themselves as fun and strange as seeing Bigfoot in your backyard. As you go through the album remember to soak in each emotion of each song. “You Call This an Apocalypse?” is the groups take on the end of the world, they explore the many ways our worlds end every day.

“Furthermore” is the introduction song to the 6 track album, you can quickly hear their stoner, garage rock type of side that you instantly fall in love with. The song is a peek at who they are, it’s a very laid back, kick it with your friends type of song.

As you continue through “You Call This an Apocalypse?” and you come across “Paint It Ugly”, you’ll recognize some uniqueness in the track. It has an almost surfer vibe mixed with this western like energy, this is the song you that will make you grab a dance partner and just go crazy.

The band is giving you so much to work with, they have insanely positive energy that you can’t help but to get engulfed in. “Inundation” will have you singing your little heart out, you are going to play it on repeat until you know the lyrics and can sing along. An amazingly well crafted song.

Their most popular song is “Unhappy Kathy”, the funky, eclectic video is what makes the song more loveable. It is a bizarre eulogy for former Flipper star and actual dolphin Kathy, who held her breath until she died. Then after being abducted by humans and forced to perform on NBC, Kathy refused to remain in captivity, breaking our hearts and our notions of consciousness.

The Very Bad Days is showing that they are a force to be reckoned with, although they are pretty new to the scene, they are making big waves. The trio should have now convinced you they should be at the top of your list, they haven’t let you down yet and they don’t plan on it.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits please: Brian Reed, Matt Ebso




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