“I Taught You How To Dream” by Leanna Oki

There’s nothing quite like heartbreak, especially when you’ve been left in the dark for so long. When dealing with this horrible yet inevitable life lesson, the list of emotions one goes through is not easy. Leanna Oki tackles her journey with heartbreak and eventual healing in her new single, “I Taught You How To Dream.” Leanna’s captivating vocals and lyrics delve deep into her heart, and the song’s genre-fusing elements combining R&B, pop, and lofi give Leanna Oki a distinct sound of her own.

“I Taught You How To Dream” begins with Leanna discussing a past relationship, going through the emotions one deals with when realizing the person you love is not who you thought they were. As the chorus arrives, Leanna’s angelic voice sings the lyrics, “How many times will I have to hit rewind” and “Wasn’t I the one who taught you how to dream?”. One can hear the emotions in her voice as Leanna realizes the devastating end of her relationship. 

“I Taught You How To Dream” is the ultimate power song; it’s not a breakup song, but a breakthrough song! Just as one might think “I Taught You How To Dream” is a sad love song, it begins to build up to an eventual positive note. Leanna takes a stand against this relationship and even tells her ex, “Good luck finding someone else like me, the one who taught you how to dream.” 

In a way, it seems like “I Taught You How To Dream” is Leanna’s evolution of going through a breakup; the verses are her sad/angry emotions, while the chorus is her embracing the positive side and knowing her worth. “I Taught You How To Dream” is a very powerful, uplifting track. Check it out!

Photo credits: Victor Yu

Written by Melissa Cusano


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