Artist Interview: “Marathon” by Alex Slay

Q: I absolutely LOVE this track! I love the genre-fusing elements combining R&B, pop, & rap. What was both of your favorite parts in creating “Marathon”?

ALEX: My favorite part of creating the track Is a tie between revamping the instrumental with Caleb Lee (Producer) and When I sent the empty verse for Clover and he sent me back his part the very next day. It all came together so effortlessly

CLOVER JAMEZ: This is one of my favorite songs I have been apart of. I think what I like most is how it moves and feels. Caleb Lee produced a great track and the lyrics came to me almost all at once. 

Q: How is the music scene like in Nashville? Do you have any advice for other artists trying to make a name for themselves there?

ALEX: Most people think that Nashville is mainly focused on country music, but the truth is every genre lives here, you just have to find like minded artists and creatives which isn’t too difficult. Just don’t be afraid to network and also give yourself time to really hone in on the artists you want to be. We all have our own timeline.

CLOVER: It’s dope. And outside of country music, other genres are definitely blooming here. My advice is to have an open mind and be inspired by the different artists here to build your own sound. 

Q: You both have distinct sounds that you bring to the table; Alex, more R&B-driven, and Clover more on the hip-hop side. I’m interested in your creative journey in making music together, and how your different sounds come together so flawlessly.

ALEX: Clover has some of the best energy on and off the stage. I was stuck on this song for a while, and then he was the first person that popped in my head. I sent it to him thinking I would get it in a couples weeks, but it blew me away when he sent it the next day and it was perfect. I didn’t want to change a thing.

CLOVER: We’re really good friends so the energy was already there. We recognize that our sounds are different but they compliment each other well and we didn’t overthink it. Because if that, the song was written pretty quickly. 

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive), who would it be?

ALEX: There’s so many… and it’s always changing. I think right now it would either Lucky Daye or Anderson Paak, they both have such a way of capturing timeless music. 

CLOVER: I have so many. But if I had to pick one it would probably be Kanye. He’s the reason I produce and record my own songs. 

Q: What’s the best piece of advice each of you has been given about the music industry? How has this advice helped each of your music journeys thus far?

ALEX: You can’t settle, you should always be surrounded by people who are better than you, so you can always grow, I never want to be the best in the room, because then I can’t learn anything new. 

CLOVER: You have to take your place in the industry. No one is gonna hand it to you and the best way to do that as cliche as it sounds is consistency, authenticity and trusting yourself in every part of the process. This has helped me be more honest with myself about how much I want this and to do what I gotta do. 

Q: Can you walk me a little through the production process on “Marathon”?

ALEX: I had this rough ROUGH instrumental that had been sitting on my laptop for months and I had the hook already done. I took it to Caleb Lee (producer) and together we revamped it and it started to have that timeless sound I’m always trying to achieve, then I sent It to Clover and he took the whole thing to another level. 

CLOVER: It was a nice change for me not to be apart of the production on this one. I’m not sure how Caleb did it but he really did that haha

Q: What would you like to say to your fans out there?

ALEX: For the ones who believed in me from the beginning even when I didn’t, thank you. To new fans thanks for tuning in and its going to be a great year , I have a lot more coming.

CLOVER: If you find my music and you like what I’m doing please stay with me and enjoy the evolution. It’s bout to be real fun soon. 

Q: Tell everyone what’s next for you! Any shows, music coming out, etc.?

ALEX: I might have some shows in the next couple months, but I’m mostly in the studio working on some of the best music I have ever made so far. 

CLOVER: I’m hype for my next single “Blue World” which releases everywhere on August 19th under Clover Jamez. I have a rooftop show that night here in Nashville on top of the Bento Chestnut building. Come through if you’re here.

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano






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