“Without You” by Betty Reed

Removing toxic people from one’s life is not an easy task to complete, but if one expects to lead a happy and healthy life, changes must be made. If one has a support group in place, it will become easier for the person to make this necessary change. The single “Without You” by singer-songwriter Betty Reed sheds light on this subject matter.

The song kicks off with an intense introduction as the guitar delivers a chord that is aggressive in sound and the drums deliver a fast-paced beat. The composition quickly evolves in terms of dynamics as the guitar begins to play loud, whaling chords. A rough, infectious guitar riff is introduced in the first verse, which sets the overall tone of the song. Backing vocals make their debut in the chorus, adding a layer of harmony and substance to the composition. Betty’s vocals are emotionally charged as she conveys the notion of living life on her own terms. “Without you/Got a smile on my face, /got away with better days.” Halfway through the song there is a guitar solo that packs a powerful punch, leading up to the climax of the song. At the climax, a change in tempo and dynamics occurs as an acoustic guitar enters the composition, which briefly replaces the electric guitar. Reed also sings how she has finally achieved self-empowerment and liberation. “Without you/Overcame the pain that you put me through/Without you/Finally love myself/There’s nothing that you can do.” The song ends with Betty Reed once again declaring her new-found freedom and independence from a world of negativity and heartache. 

Betty Reed is based in Nashville, Tennessee and she has been recording and releasing music since 2019. Reed’s music can be heard on various music streaming platforms.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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