“Tomorrow” by Alex Paclin

Photo credit: Denis Shtangey

Alex Paclin’s single “Tomorrow” is a motivational ballad that feels like a glass of cold water after a long journey.

The Russian-born and now Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter began making music in 2007 and has since dived into pop, rock, blues and jazz. At 19 years old, Paclin played alongside blues legend Bob Margolin at Double Door Inn, the oldest blues club on the U.S. east coast. Throughout his career, Paclin has also participated in “Nashestvie”, one of the largest Russian open-air festivals, and the U.S.-based blues harmonica festival “Hill Country Harmonica”.

This month, Paclin released the single “Tomorrow”, and it has the instrumentals and vocals of jazz music from an earlier time. The ballad is inspired by jazz legend Nat King Cole and Bobby Darin’s song “Call Me Irresponsible”. The song begins with an intimate, soft-sounding piano that leads into grandiose vocals from Paclin that were recorded in a home studio. The piano builds and introduces some stronger, Queen-like orchestral parts.

“Tomorrow” tells the story of someone who has suffered but still holds onto the hope that a better day will come. It begins with the lines:

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I believe there will be a better day.

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I believe that I’ll find a place to stay.

The ending takes a turn and introduces a second character, a possible partner or love interest. The final chorus goes:

Tomorrow, I’ll hold you

Trust in me and leave all fears behind.

Tomorrow, I’ll lead you

To the sunrise of our life (x3)

Paclin’s single will uplift those going through a hard time and feel relatable to those who have overcome tough obstacles in their life. It is a story that transcends time and the powerful instrumentals combined with Paclin’s radiating voice will be a delight for new listeners and long-time fans.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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