Artist Interview: “Baby Disaster” by Rilëë

Q: Hi Rilëë, absolutely dig your new track, “Baby Disaster”! From the lyrics, I believe the song is about growing up too fast and that phase in our life where we’re getting ahead of ourselves; am I right at all? What was the inspiration behind “Baby Disaster”?

Rilëë: You’re almost right, It’s actually about meeting in the mirror. It’s about growing up and learning from my mistakes. I spent so much time of my life trying to forget about trauma and hurt, in turn making terrible decisions. ‘Baby Disaster” is about owning up to those bad decisions and deciding to finally move forward with my life. I felt like this song was the opening to self-acceptance and accountability. 

Q: Love the electrifying instrumental in this single; it gives the track a foreboding yet exciting feel to it. Can you walk me through the “Baby Disaster” production process a bit?

Rilëë: I feel like that’s exactly what the production is doing, It’s the fear if I don’t get my shit together, something really bad will happen. Everything about this song is to take you on the roller coaster ride of my bad decisions. The main synth of this song is the first thing I heard and it felt like damn Rilëë ur a disaster. I think Tec Beatz wanted to give it that retro futuristic vibe , because he loves all that kind of stuff, so being that we both were on the same page with that he was able to direct all of our collaborators into that direction for this record. I’m really proud of the end result, I just couldn’t have it any other way. 

Q: Even though you grew up in the early 2000s, there’s something very 80s/90s about your music, “Baby Disaster” in specific, that I absolutely love. Who are your biggest musical influences?

Rilëë: Yes! I loveeee Donna Summers, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Paramore. Strong dark femme energy always made me feel so powerful as a kid and I wanted to empower others the way they did me. 

Q: Do you remember who or what first got you into music? Was your family musical growing up?

Rilëë: Yes, my Aunt Cat was a gospel singer and her group name was “Jewels With Love” she even toured the world with the “Mighty Clouds of Joy” which I thought was so glamorous and cool as a kid. I would watch my mom throw these extravagant parties and live shows with A* list celebs and all I wanted to do was get up on stage myself. Every time it was showtime my mom would be in this boss girl mode that made me feel like it was possible. She even put me in extra work for tv shows and films, which was sooooo much fun. I think a mix of being submerged in entertainment at such an early age made me feel like I could do anything I wanted, and I wasn’t going to stop until I did.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you were given about the music industry, and how has it helped you navigate your journey so far?

Rilëë: The best advice I ever received is so simple and kind of funny actually. I received advice from Dave Chappelle after going to a comedy show at the Hollywood Improv. I walked in the door and almost freaked out because it was a surprise show he just so happened to be at. This was before his Netflix special because he was telling everyone about it and he talked about his family. He looked at me and it was like he knew how stressed out I was. He told me that being beautiful and talented is a gift and if I wasn’t I’d be worrying about a whole busload of other things, I gave you the clean version for him but you catch his drift lol. He was right, I was so stressed out about everything but actually looking at the bigger picture, I didn’t need to be worried about anything. I needed to appreciate the things I did have and move forward with them. 

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Rilëë: I have a few actually! Bree Runway, BEAM,Kenny Mason and most importantly Britney Spears :). Bree Runway is everything! She has that sassy, sexy, girl boss energy and it gives me life! Kenny Mason is my hidden gem, I enjoy his punk influences in his music and its really left field. BEAM is the future of music to me and I would love to be a part of that. The way he delivers, the sonics, and everything he does is moving in a forward direction. Annnnnnd of course we have BRITNEYYYYY MUTHA F****N SPEARSSSSS! The icon, thEvene legend, the everything to me. She is the literal reason I want to perform everyday, I honestly would love to write a song that we both can be on and perform at the vma’s together….you know icon sh**.

Q: Interesting question, but if you were stranded on a remote island and could only bring three albums with you, what three would they be and why?

Rilëë: My go to’s would definitely have to be,”Brand New Eyes” by Paramore. Paramore was one of those bands that just made me feel whole and I created my own religion through that album. Brand New Eyes was my huge awakening as an artist and human being. It is definitely essential to my mental health to have that album on hand.”In The Zone”, by Britney Spears definitely a sexual liberation album for me. I think why I identify with Britney so much is because she was quirky and still knew how to be a sex symbol without it being forced. There was confidence about her that was effortless. I think most importantly she didn’t let the hate, misogyny, or scandals tear her down. “In The Zone” was about embracing your sexuality and not being afraid to show off that side of you.”DS2″ by Future because though I have a personal vendetta against fboys, listening to this album is like my activation to go out and just be the wild animal I like to be. I’m a party girl and I love to dance, so it goes without saying this might be my theme album for a lituation. 

Q: Thanks so much for talking with me! Tell everyone what’s coming next for you; any tours, upcoming songs, etc. 

Rilëë: Thank you for having me! There might be a single in your near future stay tuned… I have an ep coming in the early fall and I’M MORE THAN STOKED for you guys to hear, you will be able to see all the layers to me.

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano





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