“Biscuit Tin” by Colenso Jones

Colenso Jones’s debut single “Biscuit Tin” opens with a scratchy electric guitar and driving beat that might leave listeners surprised when the track shifts into an easy-listening alt-country tune. This song takes genre bending to a new level. It has elements of country, folk, rock, punk, and even a hint of electronica.  

Though “Biscuit Tin” is Colenso Jones’s debut as a solo artist, he is not new to making music. The Welsh artist has been in bands and touring for a while, including with his acclaimed band Climbing Trees, and under the name The Minerals. Under these names, he’s toured across Europe and North America and has appeared in a myriad of festivals. Compared to his previous work, Jones’s “Biscuit Tin” has a distinctly different and more americana-esque sound. In fact, if you didn’t know you might be surprised to learn that the singer is not actually American— accent and all. 

The somewhat cryptic lyrics are the most interesting part of this track. They talk about drinking and money, but the speaker’s attitude towards money seems confused. The refrain goes, “Money can dance, money can sing, money can buy you anything.” We get the sense that the speaker is desperate— for money, and maybe drugs and alcohol— and in an unstable state of mind. They say money can’t buy happiness, but a lot of people would disagree with that sentiment. Maybe it depends on who you are. Calenso Jones doesn’t have all the answers, but “Biscuit Tin” offers a perspective— and with its catchy melody and unique style there’s no good reason not to check it out! 

Written by Maya Merberg

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