“The People We Love” by Connor Terrones

Photo credit: Willym Brown

Connor Terrones is unafraid to experiment with different music genres in his debut album The People We Love. The Denver-based artist dives into hip-hop, r&b, funk, pop and soul to create a unique blend of sounds.

Terrones has had a strong love for music since he was a child. He spent his teen years playing guitar and studying the music of great 70’s artists like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. As he grew as an artist, his influences evolved, and he has dived into a sound that is heavily influenced by a wide range of genres. Terrones shares that his debut album is directly influenced by artists Knower, Thundercat, Hiatus Kaiyote, Flying Lotus and Robert Glasper.

At first listening of The People We Love, I decided to approach it with no pre-conceived genres in mind. The sound is multi-dimensional. Terrones’ voice is quite mellow, and he tends to stay in a soothing head voice. It almost feels like talking in tune to the music and it works incredibly well when paired with his celestial instrumentals.

The production of his debut album is dynamic. “Drown” would fit well in an old-school video game soundtrack and the beginning of “I Don’t Care” sounds like the intro to a sultry movie scene. It’s evident that Terrones is having fun finding his musical niche. His blend of classical influences and new-age technology has led to a unique full-bodied sound.

From a listener’s POV, the musical choices made in The People We Love feel intentional. Although this album is a mix of different genres, all the resulting tracks share a similarly funky, groovy sound that is very catchy. New fans can be excited to see what Terrones comes up with next.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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