“Bad Luck” by Laura Lang

Sometimes we enter relationships for all the wrong reasons, thinking that the risks will be minimal. As a result, we end up feeling angry and heartbroken because the relationship did not work out the way we had hoped it would. Singer-songwriter Laura Lang highlights this subject matter in the single “Bad Luck.”

“Bad Luck” begins with a whirring sound from the guitar that gradually becomes louder in sound, followed by a haunting guitar riff. The drums come into play at the start of the first verse, producing a light, steady beat. A transition in the song’s tempo occurs within the chorus as the drums deliver a short, quick beat. Backing vocals also make an appearance, adding a layer of harmony. Laura’s vocals are soft yet filled with raw emotion as she conveys the notion of feeling exhausted from trying to find someone who will provide her with true love and happiness. “I’m tired of endlessly chasing/for somebody to love/I’ll never have.” In addition to exhaustion, Lang also highlights the notion of being fearful in a relationship. “Petrified of the light/but in darkness I’m afraid.” There is a brief instrumental break between the second verse and the chorus in which the guitar delivers an emotional performance. The song ends with Lang singing “My world meets bad luck”, leading up to a dramatic ending with the drums delivering a fast, intense beat and the guitar producing a loud shriek.

Laura Lang is based in Memphis, Tennessee and she has been making music since 2021. She will be releasing her second EP this fall.


Written by Brittany Jennings

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