“Loser Anatomy” by Stefan Dando

Stefan Dando embraces rejection with his newest release “Loser Anatomy”. The London-based artist turned a curse into an incredible song that many listeners will resonate with.

Dando is an indie pop/rock artist that takes great inspiration from Panic! At The Disco and Sara Bareilles. His latest track was produced by Andres Mesa from 121 Studios and features guitar and bass from Omar Ríos Meléndez. The production of this tune is stellar. It begins with a clear, soothing guitar melody and opens with powerful vocals from Dando. His tone is round and full. His voice works very well against the edgier guitar that picks up in the chorus.

The lyrics for this track are deeply personal and poetic. I was especially captivated by the second verse. It goes:

My heart is tired but stuck to my sleeve

My lungs defy me for the breath that I seek

I love the twist Dando takes on the common phrase, “I wear my heart on my sleeve”. We can see in this line that he’s tired of rejection, but he can’t seem to stop allowing himself to fall for people. I interpreted the second line as him struggling to catch his breath from being so overcome by emotion.

Dando opens up about the songwriting process and calls “Loser Anatomy” cursed. He says that someone rejected him in the writing process, recording process, and mastering process. He claims he didn’t get rejected during the release because he didn’t put himself in that situation again.

It’s not often that small artists are willing to be so vulnerable at the beginning of their career, but Dando is unafraid.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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