“Next To You” by Katie Drives

It’s not unusual for someone to compare themselves to others based on what they see on another person’s social media feed. As a result, one may begin to harbor feelings of jealousy towards another person or feel insecure about themselves. The song “Next To You” by singer-songwriter Katie Drives explores this topic.


The single begins with the sound of a light, steady guitar riff followed by the vocals of Katie Drives. The drums enter the composition at the start of the second verse delivering a beat that is light in sound. The dynamics of the song quickly change during the pre-chorus as the guitar becomes louder in sound and it delivers a heavier riff. The song really comes to life during the chorus as the drums produce a heavier beat and the chorus also features a catchy, repetitive one-word line, which immediately grabs the attention of listeners. Katie’s vocals are heavy and filled with raw emotion as she conveys the notion of comparing herself to another girl. “I just wish I would look better when I’m standing beside/Your perfection, oh, how do I dare to compare?” Drives also describes how engaging in this toxic behavior can have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem. “Attention seeking loser/And I know it’s not really true but/I can’t stop feeling how I feel.”

Katie Drives is based in Berlin, Germany and she has six songs in her discography. Her overall sound is very similar to other emo pop rock artists such as Paramore and Avril Lavigne. Katie’s music can be heard on various music streaming platforms.


Written by Brittany Jennings

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