“No Lover Lover” by Jen Ash

I’m a sucker for an acoustic guitar in an R&B song. Something about the mix of vocals with an acoustic guitar gives a song this… familiar feeling. It makes all of the words being said sound even more powerful. I start the review like this because Jen Ash decided to use an acoustic guitar in her new song, “No Lover Lover”.

Jen Ash uses her amazing voice to sing about a difficult breakup and a journey of self-discovery. Something that I love about her voice is that she has this sound of feeling done. Not necessarily sad, but not happy either. She sounds like she understands that this had to happen, and working on herself will be worth it, even if it’s on her own. The lyrics definitely hit when you feel like you are on the outs with a partner and trying to let go of the past to walk into your future. In the chorus of the song, she sings, “No lover lover, time to recover”. This personally hit me hard because it’s a situation where plenty of us find ourselves in at one point in our lives. Ending things with a lover so you can grow into who you need to be. Not to sound sadistic, but I absolutely love the hurt I hear in her voice. Jen Ash isn’t just singing this, she has experienced it, and that will send chills down your spine once you hear it.

Musically, that acoustic guitar is so dope! Again, I love acoustic guitars in R&B, and this is no exception. It meshes well with her voice and makes the song’s tone much clearer. I think that it makes you focus more on what she is saying as well. While there is great production behind the song, I think that the acoustic guitar gives it such a lowkey feel that you focus more on the lyrics.

One thing that I was curious about was the use of the word, “lover”. The title is, “No Lover Lover”, and I was wondering about the word being said twice. Other than it sounding great, the reason is twofold. First, I think that it just puts emphasis on the fact that her and this person are completely done, because she needs to re-discover herself, and the second reason is because it sounds like, “No love for lover”, truly breaking that tie.

I could talk about this song for hours, seriously. Jen Ash has an amazing song about heartbreak and rising from that, even if you are on your own. Listen to “No Lover Lover” by Jen Ash soon, you won’t regret it!

Written by Marcus Norris





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