“Goodnight, Take Care” by Ethan Stauffer

“Goodnight, Take Care” by Ethan Stauffer is a sweet, folksy, poignant track full of brilliant motifs. Each carefully crafted melody complements the bittersweet lyrics, all atop a delightful mix of soft rock instrumentation. If you’re in the mood for a casual yet moving track, you couldn’t do better.

The intro sports two guitars–one acoustic, strumming away at a warm major chord, and the other electric, performing a distorted riff. The riff tumbles through quick hammer-ons to land on the most lovely, unexpected, legato notes. Drums and a fuzzy synth soon join, followed closely by the verse: “Falling softly / Falling slowly / Falling nowhere.” Two voices organically croon in harmony over the accompaniment, each drenched in warmth and intimacy. The aforementioned guitar riff interjects occasionally, giving the track a little textural diversity. It’s a slow, simple, effective verse.

The chorus arrives with a change in melody and ultimately a different energy. The chords move a bit more, dipping into a different mode, thusly a different emotional effect. The electric guitars have more of a presence. The drums are louder and busier. It’s the perfect formula for a memorable chorus.

The rest of the song employs even more lovely, anthemic moments. The background vocals shout the hook. The lyrics build upon the simultaneously melancholy and uplifting message. The instruments add extra flourishes here and there to keep even the repeated parts interesting. Before you know it, almost five minutes have passed and the song is fading out–and you’re probably adding it to your latest playlist. Be sure to check out Ethan Stauffer on your choice of social media or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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