Artist Interview: “Heart in a Notebook” Zechariah Lloyd

Q: Your EP “Heart in a Notebook” has won numerous songwriting competitions. What track is your favorite, and why?

LLOYD: The first single off the EP, “Down to the River,” is probably my favorite. It was the first single we recorded to help raise funds to finish the EP. It quite literally made the rest of the EP possible as well as being a bit of an “origin story” song for me as an artist and my personal upbringing.

Q: Are you writing to anyone specific in your song, “Heart in a Notebook” with the lyrics, “I ain’t gonna lie, I learned to question my heart too. Telling the truth, I never trusted that thing at all.”

LLOYD: This song is about a specific past relationship. I had written a 4-or 5-page love song in a notebook that I ended up losing! The song is about a lot of other aspects of that relationship, but the Notebook seemed like a great symbol to tie the whole song together.

Q: Your song lyrics are deeply heartfelt, and your vocals bring that same emotion. What inspires you to write so passionately?

LLOYD: Most of my songs are written about, during, or relating to a personal experience of mine and I just try to make those as real as possible. I don’t try too hard to meet outside expectations, but rather aspire to make the lyrics true to my personal experience with what the song is about.

Q: Were you always a natural-born Blues musician? How did you mold yourself into this type of genre?

LLOYD: They say Mississippi is the birthplace of Blues and Rock n’ Roll; and I definitely grew up on both of those genres, as well as gospel and traditional church music. But I think “Blues” is more of a feeling, for me, than a specific genre of music. While “Blues” is most definitely its own genre, it’s also an emotional place. And that’s where I write from most of the time.

Q: Both your parents would play music for you as a child. How do you think this has influenced your love for the art?

LLOYD: Music was a huge part of my life growing up. My grandfather never let me forget that musical ability was a blessing and that I needed not squander that God given talent. So, even though I do it because I love it, I think there’s a part of me that feels like I’m called to do it, because I have been given a gift to do so.

Q: If you could collaborate with an artist, who would it be, and why?

LLOYD: I’d love to co-write a tune with Christ Stapelton. I love the rawness of his voice and delivery in addition to his writing style.

Interviewed by Molly Byrne






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