“The Point of No Return” by Garland Kelley

Garland Kelley has released “The Point of No Return” and in less than 3:28 he has captured listener’s attention and tackled topics such as self-destruction and the concept of time.

“The Point of No Return” is easily summed up to be a great defining song that could teach listeners about some of the troubles the world is facing today. Kelley is clear and precise with his message and he hits it on the mark by singing to listeners about the pure truth.

The Point of No Return” presents lyrics that are relevant, meaningful, and relatable and fans that enjoy music from Foo Fighters, Tool, and similar sounds will love what Garland has to offer.

Garland carries his own alternative genre on his shoulders high as making such honest and thought-stimulating music is a rarity these days. “Children of the sun/ the Earth is weeping blood/destruction is the calm before the fire.”

“Judgement day is drawing near/ the point of no return/ we’re getting to the point of no return/ oh, we’re clinging to the edge of no return-”

Kelley continues on as we listen intently giving our full attention. “Deniers move aside/ you’re wasting precious time/ we can’t afford to beat around the bush-” Kelley warns music lovers of what’s to come as time goes on if we continue in vicious cycles. “We have the power to turn this ship around/ unite the world until the promised land is found.”

Garland is definitely an artist to be on the lookout for, with a heavy-hitting track like this, filled with bass and perfectly timed drums, listeners can’t wait to hear what’s next from his creative mind.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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