“Be Still” by Justina Ward

With a combination of fun rhythm and an important message, Australian-British singer Justina Ward is back with her new single “Be Still.” Ward is both an indie neo folk singer-songwriter and an actress. She has been featured in Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance on Netflix and ABC’s Behind The News. The track is the singer’s sixth official release.

“Be Still” is a song about self-reflection and the world’s current relationship with social media. Ward creates a larger-than-life sound with a big brass section, drums, and guitars. The layering vocals and harmonies continue to build and there is always something to get out the song each listen. She highlights the feelings of joy she has found when she stepped away from the phone. Her songwriting is clever and fun, showing she can be both a thoughtful and playful songwriter, which has become a rarity.

The chorus is an earworm and will likely be stuck in your head after the first listen. “When you put the phone down you can hear a sweet sound / your heart goes boom boom,” Ward sings in the chorus. She shows listeners the power that she has found living outside of the internet.

It is obvious why her style and sound has captured the hearts of fans, the honesty in her voice is real and the song is both a great conversation starter and just for a fun dance party. Either way, I am excited for Ward’s upcoming works both in music and on the screen.

Review by Katie Power





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