“Severed Ties” by Single By Sunday

Single by Sunday presents “Severed Ties”, and with the first line we fall into many forms of alternative-rock heaven. This crazy fun track reminds us of the early 2000’s style from Simple Plan, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, but this band stands out from their predecessors.

SBS does an exceptional job of having high energy with every word that continues on, we are intrigued and have a need to hear more. “Severed Ties” captures a lot in just 2:46 and its captivating and that makes it purely intoxicating.

Even the cover art for “Severed Ties” is creative and unique, everything from the color palette used to the font. The band themselves are “great believers in not being genre specific.

Band member Jonny Eakins states, “What’s the point in having different musical influences and not experimenting with them. We prefer to be genre fluid, so you can hear different influences.”

The lyrics from Single by Sunday are exciting, entertaining and charming and it’s easy to listen to over and over. This popular band has accomplished a lot since forming in 2015 including having around 8k Spotify listeners, and headlining at several events on a stage in front of thousands.

“Call it love/ I call it pain/ I was drowning in the flames.” Lyricist Josh Daniel Ladds is brilliant here as well as honest when it comes to love and what can come of it. SBS executes perfectly and the words sync with the guitars and drums in the instrumentals.

Our personal is favorite line: “Up your nose and through your brain/ all your income down the drain”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester








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