“Poison Apple” by Josh Tepper

“Poison Apple” by Josh Tepper is an 80s-inspired, dreamy electronic pop song fit for any occasion. With its memorable melodies and crisp drum machine grooves, it merges influence and originality with ease. You’ll find yourself melting into the simple, smooth decadence of Josh Tepper’s songwriting and performance.

“Everything was coming together,” the song begins, floating along with the thump of a kick drum and a fuzzy synth bass. More synths pile in with Josh’s conversational vocal, thickening the build with each measure. The chorus erupts with new motifs and textures, providing this multifaceted experience rife with diverse and varied focal points. The “Poison Apple” metaphor bleeds into every lyric, implying some reflection on a toxic relationship. The melody is catchy and the chords pull at your heartstrings–you couldn’t ask for more from an electronic pop song. Josh Tepper hit the nail on the head in crafting his hook.

Stay tuned for even more twinkly synths, a belted bridge, and an anthemic final chorus. Throughout the second half of the song, Josh Tepper’s vocal prowess is on full display. As he reaches into his higher register, he suits the dynamic arc with both airy, breathy moments and powerful, chesty belts. The song eventually culminates in a distorted reverb throw, which quickly fades to silence.

If you’re a sucker for retro synth-pop, you’re in luck. “Poison Apple” by Josh Tepper will be your new favorite song. It represents the genre with elegance, skill, and effortlessly cool style. Plus, Josh Tepper’s voice will keep you coming back for more.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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