Artist Interview: “Hello, Goodbye” by RAGS AND RICHES

Q: I love the name “RAGS AND RICHES”! What’s the story behind it?

RAGS AND RICHES: Thank you so much! So, my brother and I(Tanner) were working at a rug shop where we cleaned rugs before the band. We were working on music and creating all of these songs, but had no name for our band in the making. We tried a million things and then one day I just rattled off “RAGS AND RICHES”. Peyton was like “I like it, what does it mean?” I fired back, “No matter what walk of life you come from extreme wealth or extreme poverty, any race, any culture, we are one people and all equal.” He loved and it felt like a name that held our brand and vibe all in the name.

Q: The production is KILLING. Walk us through your creative process for “Hello, Goodbye”!

RAGS AND RICHES: Glad you liked this one! Every song has a totally different approach for us, but this one specifically was started as this positive/happy song that I had written part of the chorus on acoustic guitar. Once Peyton and I played through it a few times we realized that it was more of sarcastic vibe, but all the while a positive energy of making it through life even in the highs and lows. So from there, we asked our friend and my brother in-law Ashton Johnson to write with us and the rest is history on that end. Peyton always approaches all of the production side of things differently as well, but this one we basically had some drums to start but mostly guitar tracks.

Q: The music video brought spectacular vibes. What are some of your favorite moments when filming the music video?

RAGS AND RICHES: It’s always fun having extras on for a shoot. It can make things difficult at times, but this shoot was cake with the extras. I would say the running scene was a blast because we sped the song up double or triple times as fast and sang it faster while running, but once we slowed it down the mouth was still one time although it looked like we are running in slow motion. That was probably the most unique thing about the video.

Q: My favorite part of making music is experimenting with different sounds! What is something you haven’t incorporated into your music but want to?

RAGS AND RICHES: Trumpet! We keep saying that we are going to do it, but then we go a different route or the song calls for something vocally instead. One day we will get around to it!

Q: I know you have some exciting shows coming up! What are your guys’ routine like when you’re on the road?

RAGS AND RICHES: Yes! We are looking forward to these! The closest thing to a routine for us is right before we play, we like to do some jumping and blast music to get us hyped up. The other thing is everyday while we are on the road we have learned if we sight see, it just takes a lot of the stress off and makes things more relaxing and feel like we are on vacation in some ways!

Q: Any parting words to your supporters out there?

RAGS AND RICHES: To everyone who has supported us, we are more than grateful and love everyone for keeping this dream alive! This may be something that Peyton and I dreamed up, but you all are just as much a part of it!

Interviewed by Alina Tran







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