“Little Maggie” by James White and The Wild Fire

A classic song transformed to incorporate their own sound, James White and The Wild Fire have released their version of the classic Appalachian tune “Little Maggie.” The Essex-based band was built around James White’s previous established career, and it has only grown from there. With their debut album, they already scored two #1 songs on the Amazon Country Music Charts. Aside from lead singer James White, the members consist of Brooke Bond (Bassist), Lee Dorrington (Cajon), and Ed Goldsmith (Banjo.)

The first recording of “Little Maggie” dates back to 1928, so it says something that it is still being recorded all these years later. The song is considered a classic and it comes to traditional American music. James White and The Wild Fire take the already upbeat song and take it up a level. In lieu of fiddles, there is the plucking of banjo and quick slaps of cajon drum.

The bandmates are able to play off themselves beautifully, taking a song with a lot of moving parts and handling it with grace. James White’s raspy and deep voice gives the piece a more modern feel compared to the twang in previous renditions. The production and arrangement of this song lets their musical influences shine through, cleverly weaving in rock, bluegrass, and country.

This version of the song allows people to find these songs again and again, giving them new life. It is important that music be remembered and revamped as this is what music was meant to be. So seeing this song transform over almost a century is truly amazing and it is thanks to James White and The Wild Fire’s playful and memorable rendition.

Reviewed by Katie Power





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