“Life Is A Dirty War” by The Lunar Keys

“Life Is A Dirty War” by The Lunar Keys is a rock song brimming with surprises. From its 80s-inspired synth work to its choir-like harmonies, it runs the gamut of dynamic experiences. You’ll be totally engrossed not only by the strategic production and arrangement but by the songwriting and performance as well. You might just find yourself humming the anthemic chorus melody to yourself days later. It’s just that memorable. Plus, the singer provides all the angst and rasp you expect from a good rock song.

A series of piano arpeggios set the stage for the opening line: “I won’t live like that no more / I’ve escaped from this before.” An imposing wall of harmonies bolsters the lead melody, which creates an air of urgency. The message really feels important and ultimately cathartic. With a recitation of the hook, a pithy combination of drums and guitar replaces the somewhat ethereal piano. This new, infectious groove only lasts for a moment before it dissolves into a broken-down verse. Already, we’ve experienced three different feels and we’re only a quarter of the way through the track. The Lunar Keys have meticulously sewn together a rollercoaster of energy, emotion, and musicality.

Stay tuned for even more unexpected turns, including a uniquely distorted guitar solo, a rhythmic bridge, and a gorgeous, nearly a capella rendition of the chorus. It’s safe to say that “Life Is A Dirty War” is a work of brilliant musicianship. The Lunar Keys outdid themselves with this one. So, if you like what you hear, give them a follow on your choice of social media!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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