“I Miss the Nightlife” by Kurt Gott

Kurt Gott is here with “I Miss the Nightlife”, and this feel good single, contains upbeat tempos and happy instrumentals, that will have you missing your own nightlife.

This multi-talented musician and artist spoke about the track saying “This song is about reflection back on our younger days and reminiscing about the great times we shared together going out on the town, partying and coming home late at night.”

 Kurt also adds “This is about spending those nights with my girlfriend who eventually became my wife.”

There is nothing like thinking about the good ol’ days when things seemed simpler and there was all the time in the world. K.G does this track justice as we end up thinking about our old feelings and this makes listeners have a positive take on the past, even if it does seem like such a long time ago.

When we listen to how Kurt sings, we can hear the joy in his voice and when we notice this, we understand this is an artist that has found his true calling. Gott does this track justice, as he carries a natural love for music and we hear that in his voice as he sings. He knows this is what he’s meant to do.

Make sure you follow Kurt to find out what he’s up to next and check out his other new single titled “Christine”.

Our personal favorite line: “Can you think back to the time when we were wild and free?/ It seems so long ago and now it’s just a memory.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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