Powerhouse vocalist and storyteller KAT is back with her brand new single “Rise.” The song showcases a more personal side to KAT, using her personal struggles as inspiration for the heart felt piece. She has already seen success with her previous single “Liar Liar” and has had sold out headlining shows in Camden.

 In preparation for her single release, KAT had an exclusive live performance of her song “Rise,” which was streamed live from the Lounges TV Studio in London. All this momentum and support brings her closer to dropping her highly anticipated EP “Warrior Heart.”

“Rise” shows off KAT’s diversity in her range and songwriting; she takes a step back from her electric pop/rock sound in favor of a more bluesy sound. The song itself echoes values of having a kinder self-talk and helping others rise with you. The arpeggio of the acoustic guitar and KAT’s rich voice really ignite the story. The layering of the piano and strings builds this beautiful world and showcases KAT’s influences of jazz and blues musicians. 

Storytelling has always been a staple to her writing and she keeps up with it in this piece. Her lyrics are raw and honest, stripping away any fluff in favor of vulnerability and trueness. One to highlight would be “every person has their light to shine / gotta dig in deep to discover what’s this gift of mine,” this shows a positive outlook and is an inspiring message to everyone who listens!

Her highly anticipated EP will be out soon, so keep an eye out for Warrior Heart. In the meantime, check out her singles “Liar Liar” and her brand new track “Rise” available now!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by Talie Rose Eigeland





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