“The Strangest Dream” by Mikey Videotape

Mikey Videotape is here with “The Strangest Dream” and it has us flying through our most lucid dreams while we’re awake.

While listening closely to this track, we understand that there are deeper layers that peel back with each second that goes by, and we love the futuristic and nostalgic feeling that we get from listening to Mikey conquer the beats.

When learning more about this track we find out that “Mikey quickly wrote more songs than he had written in the previous two years in a huge outpouring of creativity over a month. Mikey [Videotape] delivers memorable hooks with surprising time signatures and cinematic moving synths.”

We become transfixed on the digital sounds “The Strangest Dream” contains and this is the perfect song that perceives a feeling of floating and daydreaming.

Although this is only Mikey’s first single, he has no problem introducing himself in a new way and forming his own line of sounds.

While we enjoy “The Strangest Dream” it unfortunately comes to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep it on repeat.

MV continues to gain recognition for this track, as it easily catches our attention and pulls us into a world that captures his mind, as if we are looking through his eyes.

Make sure you follow Mikey Videotape, (socials linked below) to keep up with what’s next on his musical journey.

Our personal favorite line: “Walk out on the frosty grass/ pajamas in the breeze/ three dreamers fell asleep/ at the foot of the tree.” And, “Every time you fall asleep/ you’re gonna wonder what it means.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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