“Stardust” by Kelly & Kat

Kelly and Kat are back with a new single “Stardust” and it’s a heartbroken confession that we can’t help but fall in love with.

Stardust” is the ultimate title for a song such as this, and as we listen we understand why. 

This track contains a lot of old feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The duo describes this track by saying, “We wrote “Stardust” after one of us had run into an ex and couldn’t stop thinking about them. The stardust to us represents a higher place you hold someone, but the more that you get hit with reality of who they actually are, it can bring them into the darkness and finally take them off the pedestal.”

The pair also mention that “this was the song that got us signed to a publishing deal, the song that helped us find our sound as artists, and the beginning of our new era.”

Kelly and Kat are the perfect duo on this track, as their voices pair so well and they have an unmatched rhythmic flow.

We love everything from the sped up moments, to the ones that slow down, as well as the hard hitting parts, even the cover photography has us wanting more, with its simplistic style and light purple filter- it’s an automatic favorite.

Make sure you follow Kelly and Kat on all of their socials because they are sure to have so much more coming. 

Our personal favorite line: “I don’t like how easily we talk/ now I remember why we stopped/ I don’t like the way you still look at me/ always remember that you leave.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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