“Sacred” by Michael Spellman

After over a decade of writing and producing for other artists, Michael Spellman steps into the spotlight with his debut single “Sacred.” Spellman is a jack of all trades, having the titles of singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His primary instrument, drums, is the one he has been playing the most over his twenty-year career in the industry. He shows off his talents across the board by writing, recording, and producing this single all on his own. The song was written back in Christmas Eve 2021 and recorded at Mark’s Attic Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Immediately a lyric that stands out is the opening lines “I can see you fight yourself when I get closer / And the guarded walls you keep are coming down / And you’re using words you never say out loud / Is it possible you’re comfortably undone?” “Comfortably undone” is such unique and beautiful language and Spellman excels at imagery throughout the entire song.

Playing all the instruments except the saxophone, Spellman shows off his craft his has honed over the past couple decades. The second chorus is when it all comes alive, lively drums and a driving piano – only to then introduce a captivating sax solo, “Sacred” builds in every way a listener could hope. Every lyric deserves to be dissected and appreciated as each one is prettier than the next, trying together to make the most beautiful story about a sacred love.

When asked about the future of his solo career, Spellman shared, “I am extremely grateful, excited, overwhelmed, but most importantly proud and ready to continue onward with this dream and this passion and to share this music with you all.”

So be sure to go stream Spellman’s new single and be on the lookout for more incredible hits!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by The Wright Design Group





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