“Mi Amour (I Had A Dream)” by Jay Roecker

Jay Roecker is here with a new single, “Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)”and it’s taking us on an electronic trip.

J. Roecker is a talented artist who is not only accomplished, but bilingual as well. This new single is perfect for those who are music lovers of both languages and enjoy a futuristic kind of sound.

“Mi Amor (I Had A Dream)”, reminds us of music from the 80’s, and its retro kind of style has us hooked. Roecker made this track magical by adding his steady and perfectly balanced vocals on the instrumental and it makes us want to get up and dance.

The visuals for this new single are vulnerable, open, and eye-opening about relationships and how fast they can change.

We can’t get enough of Jay’s ability to make us feel what he sings about, this is what we love to hear from musicians, and as listeners we want to relate to the lyrics and the meaning, just like we did here with Jay.

Mi Amour (I Had A Dream)” makes us think of our past relationships, and how time changes things. We enjoyed this track so much! Thank you Jay for putting this out into the world.

If you love this track then you should check out Jay’s past singles such as “Pour On Me” and the remixes from his album “Electronic Symphonic”.

Make sure you follow Jay Roecker on all socials (listed below), and stay tuned for more music updates.

Our personal favorite line: “We were on to something/ Nothing can stop us/nothing can hold us back/ we were on the right track.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester








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