“Remnantal” by Sophia Stephens

With a pen in her hand and her heart on her sleeve, Sophia Stephens has released her debut EP Remnantal. The seventeen-year-old songwriter has lived a lot of life and used writing as way to escape. This project was a project full of love: with support from her brother and father – they brought Stephens’s songs to life. She has written over 300 songs and wants to share her words to whoever will listen for a long time.

Stephens’s voice is immensely rich and warm, her lower range is very clear and strong. As an artist constantly exploring her sound, the singer has definitely found her voice. Fans of Gracie Abrams and Olivia Rodrigo would love Stephens’s ability to capture the raw feelings of being a teenager and putting a dramatic production to it.

The EP opens with “Shadowlit,” an acoustic guitar, piano, and Stephens’s emotional voice. Her songwriting is mature with lines like, “I’m no Icarus, I leave before the fall.” Stephens is able to admire the other person’s optimism and shining light, but questions if it’s an act that they have to keep up with.

The production of this song is phenomenal, allowing Stephens’s lyrics to shine like the sun in the sky. While the final track “Familiar,” plays up a more pop-inspired production. With bass and synths added into the chorus. The dramatics is Stephens’s voice and production is fun to watch and listen to. She places the listener in her world and the lyrics are so vivid.

The songs on this EP do an excellent job of introducing Stephens to the world and showing a wide spectrum of what she has to offer. With three albums already in the works, it will be interesting to see where her sound goes next.

Written by Katie Power




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