“Reminiscin’” by Ozzient, KiERAN, Essay M, Kay9

Ozzient is back producing another smooth hit, and blessing artists with his talented touch! In his newly produced song, “Reminiscin’”, we hear vocals from KiERAN, Essay M, and Kay9. While it seems that Ozzient and KiERAN make hits when they work together, we notice that Ozzient is always putting someone on. “Reminiscin’”, has not only it’s simply put meaning, but it also tells a story. We love when there is music that not only is clear to understand, but tells a tale that makes sense.

Ozzient states this about the single, “This song is about a breakup and having to deal with a heartache. Reminiscing of that one person who you thought was going to be the special one. Relationship problems which is something that pretty much everyone goes through, something that’s very relatable to all of us.”

Ozzient has once again formed a tune that shifts at the perfect moments, and creates a loop that we cannot get enough of. Once again KiERAN is here to have us transfixed on the lyrics provided, and Essay M, and Kay9 are a great addition that makes this track have more “umph” to it!

The artists featured on this track are all very talented and we hear them growing and exceeding their past tracks with ease! Lets all keep in mind that Ozzient is the producer, and carries a great deal of work on his shoulders.

We love the dedication that Ozzient carries and his ability to distinguish himself from the crowd, and he is always working hard to see who he can collaborate with next!

Make sure you follow Ozzient on all of his socials, listed below, and also check out some of the artists on this new single.

Our personal favorite line: “I try to hide inside my head/ I try to live inside my brain.” & “Looking back at old times/ used to sit back and just vibe/ but now there’s so much on my mind/ I pretend that I’m fine.”

Written by Kendra Beltran





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