If you feel like your Spotify daylist doesn’t quite get you, don’t worry because Rising Artists does. So, instead of listening to “reverb unplugged tuesday afternoon,” give these tracks a spin:

Nathan Harlan – Realize

“Realize,” by singer-songwriter Nathan Harlan, is a dynamic rock track. At first, it is methodical and jangly, but, by around the 2:35 mark, an explosive series of riffs breaks through to usher in an elevated attitude for the rest of the song to build upon.

Kate Bes – Wasn’t Ready For This

Mostly lost in the shuffle, “Wasn’t Ready For This,” by Dubai-based artist Kate Bes, turns the spotlight over to a brief, but solemn piano interlude just past the two minute mark. It’s only a matter of seconds, but it transitions into Bes’ inner monologue that questions: “What if he is not good for me?…But, what if I’m wrong?”

Ervin Munir – Broken Compass

“Broken Compass,” by singer-songwriter Ervin Munir, is a hyper jangly folk song. Altogether, “Broken Compass” is a peppy jam that features dexterous acoustics and tumbling drums.

Joan Of Profile – Doomscrolling

“Doomscrolling,” by indie rock outfit, Joan Of Profile, starts out as a slow boil of rainy day chords before fully erupting into a clash of rumbling drums and grumbling, wiry guitar. The capper is the cyclonic vocal breakdown just past the two minute mark.

Breena – At The Seaside

The main constant of Breena’s “At The Seaside” is a resounding bass that is low on sheer intensity, but high on resonance. It is an even keeled component of this melodic composition.

Dona Roy – Talk Bout Love

“Talk Bout Love,” by indie pop artist Dona Roy, is a sleeper of a synth-pop song. Light electro beeps, cruising bass beat and a tumbling drum loop help to form the melodic foundation.

Livvy D – Take A Number (Club Remix)

If you are of the belief that modern day romance is dead, then the “Club Remix” of Livvy D’s “Take A Number” is your jam. Play this one loud and proud to counter the impending romanticism associated with Valentine’s Day.

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