“Anna” by The Reclamators

A musical veteran and jack of all trades, Jarema has released his new single under The Reclamators called “Anna.” Jarema has been writing and releasing music since the 1960s. He would take the bus to New York City and knock on the doors of the iconic Tin Pan Alley in Nashville, determined to get a recorded deal. Jarema had gotten cuts on many memorable songs, as well as his band YELLOW BRICK ROAD releasing 15 singles. The singer, songwriter, producer, and artist now releases music under “The Reclamators” and has his own label “Crooked Wall Music.” While his sights are set on country music, he has had music from his blues album Sing it White Boy! on Netflix’s Dare Me.

Out the gate, the song intros with powerful electric guitars, giving a very rock/country sound. The Reclamators blend the rocking drums and guitars, with a more country fiddle and harmonica. The mix gives the song a classic yet new feel, which is exciting. The fiddle solo is fun and transitions smoothly into a guitar solo, igniting up an energetic jam session on the track.

Lyrically, he tells a story of a woman he can’t let go of, called “Anna.” Despite being lovesick, he knows it would not be good for him to be with her. The vocals are full of emotion and passion, the layered harmonies contribute to a super full energy sound.

Jarema sings, “Well, I’m calling “Anna, Anna, it’s just no good anymore / but I’m ready for a brand new start / and I’ll take you back again / you can open up my door / cause you still hold the key to my heart.”

Overall, the track shows that Jarema has been able to take all he has learned over his decades in the music industry and continue to make inspired and thoughtful music. The Reclamators’s country project has only just begun with several singles, including “Anna,” out now!

Written by Katie Power





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