“Jumpstart” by ST. NIKLAS

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Indie Pop artist St. Niklas has been broadcasting their brand of sensational feel-good music far beyond the Scandinavian borders. Their newest release “Jumpstart” gives audiences a perspective of love rekindled after beginning to stagnate. Coming straight from the artist’s heart, it makes us believe that no love can truly be lost and that the clock can always be turned back.

Some fast-picked mute guitar strums over a synth track start the rhythm of the tune. The artist’s vocals come in immediately after and begin the narrative of the piece. Singing “I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do… Will something good ever stay the same? I want that to be true.” The artist’s vulnerability is on full display as they question if they will ever feel as in love with their partner as they once did.

Memories serve to remind the artist of the spark they once had as they recall stories of their best times together. Above all, this connection remains paramount as they remind themselves of its importance as they repeat “I don’t wanna lose you, can’t afford to lose you.” As sentimentality continues in this vein, the story ends with a deserved happy ending. Reclaiming their love, they end with the lyrics “So many things I’m unsure about, but I’m sure about you.”

The artist demonstrates their wheelhouse for a soft-spoken and amorous vocal style, reminiscent of such modern pop icons as Lauv or Conan Gray they show us a view of the world through wide-eyed optimism that allows us to feel passionately and unabashedly about the most romantic parts of life.

Written by Nick Gumas





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