“On The Day We Met The King” by The Hybris

German-born Alt Rock trio and self-proclaimed wannabe comic superheroes, The Hybris, have been making waves across the world as of late. Through their comic strip alter egos, the group has been consistantly elating audiences with a steady stream of anthemic jams that meet somewhere at the intersection of punk and pop. As they prepare to release their third studio album, they give us a taste of their unique sound with their first single from the record, “On The Day We Met The King.” 

The single begins with an enthusiastic beat and sustains the energy consistently throughout the piece. Beginning with harmonious drum and bass lines, a trumpet quickly breaks through with the melody and the song takes flight. The vocals soon follow in a resonant baritone to champion the story.

The words they chose invoke imagery that reflects the high level of aesthetic cultivation we have come to expect from the project. Descriptions of the characters they create are far more vivid than found in a typical song, and their use of juxtaposition in character descriptions such as “Dark velvet cloak and a boastful crown, the royal circus back in town” constructs an entire narrative ecosystem within their music.

With the release of “On The Day We Met The King,” The clear merit of The Hybris’ music grows increasingly undeniable. Characterized by their earworm melodic hooks and pensive lyrics the band creates an eclectic style of musicality and art that proves uniquely their own. With this taste of the next chapter of their music, we wait eagerly for what they have in store for audiences with their next album.

Written by Nick Gumas





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