“My Goodbye” by Dalles Jacobus

Pushing against the traditional country music sound, Nashville based artist Dalles Jacobus has released his exciting new single “My Goodbye,” available everywhere now. Jacobus is no stranger to the music industry, with a string of successful releases and a home on multiple stages on Broadway in the heart of music city.

“My Goodbye” is a track that blends the old with the new, Jacobus captures the heart of old country music through his emotional storytelling yet finds himself fitting in with the more modern country music through his pop influenced production. One stand out of Jacobus worth noting is his big voice. It is powerful and emotive, with a unique rasp that makes his voice easily recognizable. 

Lyrically, the song talks about the struggle of pushing through hurt and getting through. The end of the hook is, “do I keep on pushing on to the other side / or is this my goodbye?” There is a lot of descriptive imagery and real commentary on mental health – a topic that has become even more prominent in the world of music. 

Overall, it’s clear that Jacobus has both the heart and soul to take the music industry by storm. He has a clear sound and a strong voice. It is refreshing to see more vulnerable lyrics from a male country singer, it gives great dimension. So if you have not checked out “My Goodbye” go give it a listen! Also stop by Broadway and you might see him before he makes it big!

Written by Katie Power





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