Exclusive Package:


With Publication Options Onto Our Network of Music Sites


$ 175
One-Time Fee
  • 300 word SIZZLING, SEO-Optimized press release writing
  • Publication to 455+ media outlets
  • Distribution to television affiliate sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW
  • Distribution to Radio Media Sites
  • Guaranteed Publication to 3 Music Blogs: Rising Artists, Music & Fashion, and PopFad
  • Google Visibility/Indexing
  • Yahoo and Bing Inclusion
  • Distribution to Benzinga, Marketwatch, Premium News Outlets, Industry Journals, Newspapers and Major US News Sites
  • Logos, keywords, links included
  • PR Distribution Reports
  • Optional add-on: Publication of your Press Release to 2 High Traffic Music Sites: Skope Magazine & Vents Magazine ($65)

    [Vents does screening to make sure there is no explicit or offensive material]
  • Optional add-on: Direct Email Blast of your Press Release to 50,000+ Industry Tastemakers ($80)
  • Optional add-on: Publication of your Press Release to 5 Top Music Sites: Music Crowns, Music Existence, Honk Magazine, IndiePulse Music, The Further Music Blog, boosted to 600 word press release ($115)
  • Optional add-on: Publication of your Press Release to 2 Elite News/Entertainment Sites: LA Wire & NY Wire, boosted to 600 word press release ($155)
  • Optional add-on: Publication of your Press Release to 5 Premium Music Sites: Artist Weekly News, NY Weekly, Famous Times, Entertainment Monthly, Music Observer, boosted to 600 word press release ($225)

Your press release will be distributed to these types of brand affiliates and more:

With our music coverage add-ons, your release would be published to the following sites:

Alternative Coverage:

If you are interested in post-release music reviews that publish onto our same network of music sites, click here

About Our Press Package:

Instead of traditional pitching with unknown outcomes, we have worked with our own industry contacts, as well as our pr team’s network to be sure we provide tangible results for dollars spent. 

Being a blog ourselves with high standards, we have carefully found our team, made deals, and secured contracts with top quality publications. Our team has years of experience working with indie as well as major labels and artists, having had clients such as Rita Ora, Rihanna, 50 Cent, and Yelawolf. 

Our coverage network ranges from smaller niche, medium, & larger traffic sites to major publications and the add-ons are priced accordingly.

This package is targeted-driven per release (or tour, event, etc.).

Artists/labels/publicists/managers get to choose what they want to make happen and allocate their budget accordingly. We are after all here to support emerging artists and drive up an impact onto their growing careers.



We will need your artist bio or some type of past write up, as well as your socials. We also ask if there are any quotes or links that you’d like to include. If the music is unreleased, we’ll need a listening link. We’ll ask for more detailed artist info right when you place your order.

Photo Timing:

For our press release package, at the time that we send you our press release writing for your approval (within a week or so of the order), you’d need to be prepared at that point to provide the required high resolution photos. The photos need to be 1200 x 600px

Press Releases often come before the release date to build up buzz, so the Press Release package is ideal to order pre-release. 

Please note that in our press releases, we are not embedding any Spotify/music links since it is not out – we do however provide direct links to your website, music platforms, and socials.

Press releases (pre-release) are actually considered news, so we are not requiring submissions in the same way that we do for music review/interview writing. We are providing publicity services by writing news and distributing it to our networks.

Each publication has their own qualifications – for example Vents Magazine still does require a submission on their end which is why you don’t pay that portion unless accepted.

Some blogs may slightly edit the text or make small changes to fit their formats (but they wouldn’t do anything to change the information you send). 

The press releases should be written within a week or less and sent to you for approval. After that, we distribute to the 450+ newswires, as well as Rising Artists, PopFad, Music & Fashion, and it is up within days. You’ll receive a report of this when it comes.

Then we focus on our music site add-ons. It takes various times to publish to the individual sites within these extra options that you choose. It could a few days to 2 weeks. We’ll update you with all the links.

So all in all the process could take one week to many weeks depending on your goals and publications.

Press Package Music Sites: For the music sites (both included and the add-ons) those are more long-lasting if not permanent. It depends on what each site chooses to do,  but in general they are up for a long while and so for this reason blogs are great if artists are looking to create backlinks for SEO or to build their Google knowledge panel. 


Press Release Newswire Distribution: For the press release distribution to news sites, anything distributed within a traditional newswire is not designed to stay up for long periods of time. Syndicated press release posts get deleted by the news sites after a certain period of time – all newswires work like this.

These are more centered around blasting out the news (which for artists is a particular release/event) which creates a buzz and media attention around the artist. This builds up excitement and anticipation towards the upcoming release/event.

So if you are looking for maximum impact and longevity, having the blog add-ons to the press package would be the way to go. The higher the domain authority of the music site (add-ons), the more influence this has onto the artist’s SEO performance (visibility in search engines). Our pricing ranges are correlated to the influences of these sites.

Yes, absolutely! All this press is here for your music career achievements. You can spread the word about the publications you’ve been featured on as you see fit. You are welcome to use logos.

We are able to get you onto these add-on music sites post release for music reviews, but only if your submission is approved by our writers. This is an entirely separate process through our blog promotion, which you can learn about by clicking here.

If approved, you can then choose similar add-ons to get published onto our blog networks.

Still have questions? You can email us at publicrelations@risingartistsblog.com.


Please note it is requested that you read all the FAQs and info on this page to see if your question is answered here first. We will simply refer you to this page if you repeat any of the questions above.