Our PRO RISING ARTIST program is currently paused. Please submit to our Pro Submissions, where you are now considered for music reviews and not just artist interviews. Thanks so much!

Since you have already been featured and your music selected by our blog, you are invited to this exclusive artist membership to have your future releases published in a music review post along with a social media share. 🙂

For each review, we do ask for a contribution of $20 towards our team members' time to write each review, put it up on, and promote it. Once you finish the form below, you will be directed to complete the PayPal payment.

*Individual songs only accepted (no EP's or Albums)

*Review is at least 250 words

*Includes Instagram Story & Facebook Post + Story

Whenever you'd like to have a review, please provide your information below for our writer's reference:

Note: Do not share this link with anyone. It is invite-only on the basis that your music has been approved and featured on our site.


Since you can order at any time, we do need to give our reviewers some time to fit it into their schedule. Please allow up to a few weeks for your review to be published. We will email you once everything is up and shared.

We only accept the order once it has been officially released.

It would be much too complicated for our team members to schedule future publish dates and social media shares with unreleased music for which usually we cannot even embed the track(s) ahead of time.

So please come back after the release date, and we’ll have it up within a few weeks from there :).

We only accept one song per order in respect for our writers’ time. The word count is always at least 250 words, for which we ask for a contribution of $20 towards our team members’ time to write the review, put it up and promote it. 

Once we publish the music review blog post, we also give it an Instagram Story and Facebook post.

If you have an EP or Album, please choose one song from there. You can put in the artist bio that it is part of an EP or album so that our writer mentions the bigger project. 🙂

Absolutely! This will be a new review on the album.

We do ask that if you submit your order for the album within a short time period, to please give us a different photo (such as another artist photo, or album cover if it has not been used). Otherwise at first glance, it would look like a duplicate on our site.

Each order is its own blog post, which is the $20 contribution towards team members’ time to write at least 250 words, put it up, and promote it.

If you do wish to submit multiple singles separately within a short time period, you can do so but please use different photos (such as another artist photo). Otherwise at first glance, it would appear like a duplicate on our blog.

All your info and payment will be sent to blogger@risingartistsblog.com.

If you wish to contact them to confirm any details of your order, you can reach out their email address.

Otherwise, once you complete the form and make your payment, you will land on a confirmation page which explains that we received your information and have already started working on your order. You don’t need to do anything else from there – we will email you once it is live (within a few weeks’ timeframe)!

Yes, you can do that! 

We just ask that if you submit for the same music in a short period of time, to give us a different photo (such as another artist photo). Otherwise at first glance, it would look like a duplicate on our site.

This Pro Rising Artist Program is only for direct music reviews for past featured artists who have been selected. If you want to have the possibility another artist interview, you’d need to submit from scratch to our PRO SUBMISSIONS.

The Pro Submissions team from there would determine where the track would be placed, with consideration for an artist interview.

In the section where it asks how did you hear about us, select “Featured in your blog post before”. 

There is no guarantee of acceptance for an artist interview from Pro Submissions.

You are welcome back at any time for all releases, and there is no limit on music review blog posts with us once you have been accepted :).

If you do submit multiple orders within a short time period, we just ask that you submit a different artist photo with each one. Otherwise, at first glance it would look like a duplicate on our site.

Absolutely! If you have other music that you wish to have shared, you are welcome to place an order on any of your own existing music.

We say future music so that you can rest assured that with your next releases, you can check off your list that as a Pro Rising Artist, you’ll be able to be featured to be with us. We are happy and excited to support your new music as you continue grow as an artist.

No, that is not allowed. This is an exclusive link. It is invite-only on the basis that your music has been approved and featured on our site.

We do not support Payola – we do not accept direct blog post orders with payment from anyone without our team first approving the artist’s music. The contribution is towards our time and promotional efforts and is based on us having listened to your music/selected you as an artist. We do need to monitor what content is posted on our blog, and that’s why this program is VIP for you as you have already gone through that process.

We do check if the artist has been featured and previously invited. Beyond that, we are trusting you to have integrity with this direct access and not share this link or fill it out for unapproved artists.

The only thing you can do for other artists is to recommend them to our PRO SUBMISSIONS. Tell them that under the section for how they heard about us, they should put – “Recommended by a friend, artist, record label, blog or company”. There is no guarantee that they would get selected for an artist interview, which is the path that leads them to become a Pro Rising Artist.