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Get Heard With Our Spotify Campaigns, Social Media Marketing/Management, & Artist Development Packages


Starts at $1,500/mo

  • Digital marketing: Pre-Save/Out Now, Fanfinder, Youtube and Spotify campaigns offered.
  • Brand creation, bio, artwork, web design + EPK offered.
  • Cover art, logo, merch design, event flyers offered.
  • Social media management, marketing + content creation offered.
  • Social media set-up + optimization offered.
  • Radio pitch + two follow-ups offered.
  • Podcast pitching offered.
  • Press placements + PR services offered. 
  • Tour support + show support offered.
  • Spotify + iTunes charting offered.
  • Spotify playlist promotions offered.
  • Lyric videos, audio visualizers, social premiere videos, trailer + release videos offered.
  • Billboard placement in NYC Times Square + LA offered.
  • Mixing & mastering offered.
  • SEO services offered.
  • Email marketing campaigns offered.
  • Customized strategies and plans tailored to your evolving goals are provided.


Please note that the skope of work is spread throughout the months to fit budget. While $1,500 is the minimum, a retainer budget of $2,500 – $3,500+ is recommended for the most effective work with the greatest impact onto the artist’s career.

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Awesome experience with Rising Artists! Very professional and lots of engagement!

I definitely recommend them! I have gotten some great media coverage that really helps promote my new single.

Gabriele Guma
Gabriele Guma
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I definitely recommend them! I have gotten some great media coverage that really helps promote my new single.
Raheyyu Hope
Raheyyu Hope
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So excited to have my song received by Rising Artist Music. Thank you for the kind words and comparison to amazing Queens who were and are Icons in the music industry. I am surprised and humbled

Marketing is often confused with pr, but in fact they are different aspects of the music industry.

Music marketing is focused on promoting the music and building up relationships with fans, whereas music pr is focused on creating credibility for artists and building up relationships within the media.

Explore our marketing & music services on this page, and if you are also interested in pr, feel free to check out our public relations services on the “Get Press” menu option.

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