“The Drive” by Skyler Cocco

Skylar Cocco dropped her single “The Drive” on September 25th and it has me yearning for more!  The twenty something queer woman is no stranger to the streaming world. 

Her soulful vocals transcend electronic syncopated beats and it’s no wonder Skylar has seen over 1million+ cumulative streams across her repertoire, from her debut album, Reverie to her multitude of  singles. 

The Drive gives me a modernized 80’s feel with a dream-like vibe. It’s a medley of alternative rock, synth-pop and dream-pop. 

Skylar literally takes us on a drive to clear her mind across the tristate area.  It’s her own personal musical journey with some vibrant stops for  backdrops along the way, from sunflower fields to highway bridges as she takes us along in a 1982 European Mustang IMSA (did you know there were only 7 made). We see and hear you! 

As we should, because Skylar is an artist hunty! Not only did she teach herself to play the guitar, bass and piano by the end of high school, but she is the epitome of a multi-hyphenate writing,  and producing all her own works, but also self-directed and edited The Drive video with the help of Nino Sammarone, cinematographer. Skylar states “…it’s a colorful lens at an intimate moment of self-reflection.”  

The Drive is a dream-like escape and  Skylar admits she knows she’ll have to deal with things when she gets back but for now we are on the journey and in full escape mode. 

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