“Spill My Guts” by Sizzy Rocket

Sizzy Rocket’s new single “Spill My Guts” blasted onto the scene September 25th from her 3rd studio album Anarchy, and the song and it’s video still has me gaga-gagging in the best way possible! OH My! 


As I was all here for the self-loving. She gave us an intimate peak, like we were a fly on the wall of her deepest thoughts and needs.

Director Dorian Tucker is basically showing us what her lyrics are telling while he mentioned he wanted to contrast this Sizzy with the fast paced one in “That Bitch” and “Smells like sex”. 

Praised as “an-in-your-face sucker punch that captures the swinging pendulum of heartbreak and a rebellious collection of pop/grunge/punk/hiphop genre blending tracks”, it’s no wonder this sultry soprano climaxes an artsy Hanahaki or Hanahaki disease (you’re definitely going to want to look that up) and has me checking to make sure my roommates are out before I hit the replay and may have to indulge myself.  

Sizzy’s certainly challenging what it means to be a pop-artist in 2020 as she continues to push limits with her musicality, creativity, and ruthlessly coloring outside the lines, just the way we like it! 

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