NEW EP: “Somewhere to Die” EP by Ginesse

Captured at the beginning of her career, promising new artist Ginesse has emerged from the colourful LA music scene with a more confessional, personal glimpse into what happens behind the sunny success. Entitled ‘Somewhere to Die’, this EP takes the best parts of dream pop and alternative music to create a unique reflection on her relationships and desires. When embarking on a new chapter, the possibilities themselves are exciting.

Alongside the lyrical exploration of experiences, the production of the EP is immaculate. Adopting a variety of instruments, genres, and vocal ranges, this is the perfect example of experimental pop and is reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s early EP work. ‘Dirtybird’, the fourth track on the EP, is a particular stand-out track. Incorporating playful vocal effects that mimic phone calls, Ginesse’s lyrics are unfiltered and effortlessly confessional. She sings “I was thinking ‘bout you naked / thinking what you’d do to me”, reinforcing how this body of work constantly flirts with the idea of what could be. The perfect musical representation of what it means to be young and with a future that is deliciously unpredictable. This is the side of LA that is not normally told, but Ginesse lets us into her little world regardless.


However, Ginesse’s talent to create catchy pop hooks is undeniable. In her closing track ‘White Denim’, guitars echo as the silky vocals serenade with night-time thoughts and daydreams. These are the thoughts that keep you up at night and distracted in the daytime. She explores perceptions of herself from the perspective of a last lover, singing “You’ve been living on TV / wrote a story based on the idea of me”. Writing about heady idealism, this is a track which points fun at the downfalls of our imagination and the things that make us weak as human beings. Our relationships and their doomed aspects, all in the space of a pulsating 2 and a half indie pop song. Ginesse’s ability to juggle luscious production with distinctive lyrical imagery is an exciting sign of a new era of pop where she flourishes.

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