NEW SINGLE: “Adamantine” by Pat Reilly

The dreamscape of Pat Reilly’s latest single, ‘Adamantine’, combines luscious synth-pop beat with sombre reflection of destructive behaviour. Embracing quintessential dream pop with melodic hooks and careful lyricism, Reilly continues his brand of gritty, honest queer storytelling within masterful composition.

A steady plucking guitar melody invites us into the intoxicating yet complex world of Pay Reilly’s romantic relationship. During the confines of lockdown, we are placed within an incredibly intense relationship dynamic, mixing adoration with suffocation, passion with control. Juggling a wealth of emotion, Reilly carries a desperation in his voice as he navigates through home truths and identity. Additional layers of unique synths and guitar riffs build up to the main message: “I don’t want to be your keeper / I want to be free.” It is much about his own wellbeing and need to have the space to stay sane, as much as it is an anthem of saving a relationship.

The name of the title ‘Adamantine’ refers to something which cannot be broken. This is a reminder that is sprinkled throughout the song, as a glimmer of hope and motivation amongst the hard times. Reilly sings of the social aspects of his partner’s life and how these are still integral to him, highlighting how “being in love doesn’t mean we can’t be apart”. Relationships are a balance that with time and gradual discovery, develop into their perfect form. However, this relationship has been confronted with a lack of freedom. This leads Reilly to desperately work out how to keep his relationship surviving: “maybe this love can just be free tonight, baby.” Warped, dark synths elevate his thoughts into a cinematic story we just need to find out the ending to. 


‘Adamantine’ is the last single released from the ‘Prince of the Night’ EP and rounds off a rich body of work focusing on the pain, isolation and discovery involved with this volatile year. Pat Reilly encapsulates all that makes up true artistry: grand composition, raw lyricism and intoxicating rhythm. Now available to stream, listen to classic pop sensibilities with a smooth R&B backdrop.

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