NEW SINGLE – “None of You” by Anastasía

Born out of uncompromising empowerment and authenticity, South African-born singer-songwriter Anastasía tackles the assumptions of strong female energy by embracing her essence fully. Released at the start of November, ‘None of You’ is the essential feel-good soundtrack for your Winter months.


Now based in Canada, Anastasía is taking the music industry by storm with her promising new single. Gorgeously delicate yet playful piano keys open ‘None of You’, accompanied by a soft melodic hum and a delectable anticipation. This song feels like the warmth and support all women need to remind them of their unashamed power. Anastasía has an incredibly soulful voice reminiscent of Sade, Adele, and Jessie Ware to name but a few. She varies her pitch, showcasing the breadth of range she can express her emotion vocally.

Lyrically, ‘None of You’ firmly rejects those men in her past who have found her fierceness ‘intimidating’. Celebrating the ultimate matriarch of every family and society, Anastasía repeatedly proclaims “’Mama don’t want none of you”. For a mother to reject the man in your life is the biggest sign that they “don’t have what it takes to be [your] one and only.” Simply, this song is the essential reminder that puts your worth, as a woman, into perspective. As for its composition, uplifting wind instruments feed into the cinematic backdrop, transforming the track from a piano ballad to an energised soul-pop record. Each musical component – voice, sax, drums, piano – are played in a freeing and beautifully unconventional way and serve as example of how limitless women are. Anything but a confined and conventional song, Anastasía masters an original and intoxicating pop song with an empowering message and a wealth of soul. 


Now available to stream, ‘None of You’ is the reminder we need that regardless of gender identity, we should live our lives to our fullest. At the end of the day, a fragile man’s opinion should not stop you from being naturally you. 

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