“If You Let Me” by Skydyv x Head Space

“If You Let Me” by Skydyv and Head Space is an intense, beautiful pop ballad that blends Head Space’s creative, multifaceted production with Skydyv’s emotional singing and songwriting. The song is a deep look into a period of heartbreak and the choices we make while healing.

Beginning with a haunting rhythm of ambient piano chords garnished with sparse drum beats, the instrumental choices seem to mimic the somber and scattered thoughts surrounding a heartbreak. Skydyv’s vocals are pleasantly smooth with just a hint of yearning that drives the lyrics like daggers as he describes diving into a love affair after being burned by another. The song builds with electronic melodies and flourishes until the chorus as he sings with heart-wrenching honesty “I’ll break your heart if only you let me”.


While Skydyv has written music his entire life, the Los Angeles-based artist began pursuing music seriously about three years ago while attending college. The artist states that “If You Let Me” is “about being in a very vulnerable, dark place” and that the song “helped me grow and find myself”. The story behind the song is apparent in every instrumental and lyrical choice; each note is dripping with an earnest pain that will resonate with anyone who has ever been on the bad side of heartbreak.

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