Artist Interview: “Make It Hurt” by CJ Hammond

Q: From your perspective, what is this song about?

CJ: Make It Hurt is about the toxic, unhealthy relationship that alot of us have been in once or twice ( or more) times in our lives. You love the person to unrealistic ends no matter how destructive it is. Every time you try to leave some how you end up back in it.


Q: Your catchy hook and electrifying instrumentals really stand out in this track. What was your creative process in making “Make It Hurt”?

CJ: We wanted to do something different with Make It Hurt. A lot of the songs we had prior to this had a different vibe. We wanted to bring a new approach. Simple, catchy, real emotions.

Q: What has been one of the most significant moments of your musical journey so far?

CJ: The highlight of my career so far was being in the LevelUp Music Festival at the end of 2020. I was in a line up with some incredibly talented artists, artists who I aspire to be like someday and got the chance to showcase my music to my biggest audience to date. Best part was it raised money for the live events industry.


Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

CJ: For me, my path to music came unexpectedly. I was auditioning for a play out in New York and I was randomly connected to an incredible piano player/ composer named Mark Rodriguez who saw something in my voice and talent. We started writing and working on songs and then Mark brought on Arif Elahi and ever since then we’ve been writing/ working on music together.

Q: What is coming up next for you?

CJ: Next up for me is just continuing to release more music, Its all exploring different sides of me. I think a lot of the music coming up showcases a different side of me that a lot of people haven’t seen. Being that I’m fairly new to the music game, theres a lot of un tapped potential and room to explore/grow for me as an artist.


Q: What would you like to tell your supporters out there?

CJ: The biggest thing I’d like to tell my supporters is THANK YOU, and that this only the beginning. I can’t wait until live in-person shows are a thing again and I’m able to interact with people and gain the support of new fans.


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