Neo’s track “Elsewhere” featuring Nake Little is a relatable, dreamy track that blends multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) into a sound all Neo’s own. The producer’s unique vision paired with Nake Little’s entrancing vocals create a captivating song that is engaging to the last note.

The haunting intro to “Elsewhere” draws you in with distant ambient piano before launching into a heartfelt verse that showcases Nake Little’s soulful and conversational vocals. The verse slowly builds with light percussion that seems to come from all directions as it swells to the chorus. With pulsating chords and heavy vocal effects, the chorus transports you to a world of reverberating sounds and echoes before pulling back into the verse as if nothing had happened. The track captures the emotions surrounding a heartbreak and takes you on a journey through dynamic and unique production.

Based in New York City, Neo is an EDM producer who chooses to remain anonymous. Neo released his debut track “Mine” at the age of 15 after being inspired to download Logic Pro X following the discovery of Marshmello’s track “Silence”. Originally produced by Shinoxmker, “Elsewhere” featuring Nake Little marks Neo’s first remix, and it’s safe to say that with its incredibly creative and intricate production, it won’t be his last.

Written by Katrina Charles

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