Bri Green’s single “Awhile” is a sweet, heartfelt song that showcases the singer and songwriter’s knack for writing incredibly honest lyrics and delivering them in a beautifully relatable way. Released in November of 2020 and inspired by the experience of quarantine, “Awhile” is an engaging pop song with folk elements that will resonate with anyone who has found themselves in isolation.

The song begins with a soft piano intro that lulls you into a dreamy state. As the verse begins, Green’s vocals are relaxed and conversational as she emotionally describes dealing with loneliness. Her flowing tone instantly makes you feel like you’re listening to a best friend you’ve known for ages. Supporting melodies occasionally flutter past, enhancing the deep emotion of the lyrics. The intensity of the song slowly builds in a way that you don’t even notice until you are wrapped in layers of melodies and instruments that pull back as Green sings “just look at this mess I made”.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Bri Green is now based in Richmond, Virginia. The singer and songwriter has been playing piano since age 6 and has turned to music to cope with her personal struggles. Her talent for placing life’s burdens into songs has allowed her to grow an audience of listeners who find themselves in her raw, honest storytelling. “Awhile” showcases Bri Green’s talent for singing, songwriting, and connecting with her audience. It won’t be long before her success reaches new heights.

Written by Katrina Charles



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