Artist Interview: “Muse” by Cate Tomlinson

Q: Your song, Muse, is a heartfelt indie pop track with incandescent vocals and ear-catching guitar riffs. What was the inspiration behind this song?


CATE: I used to work as a cashier at a coffee shop, and one day a really cute guy came in and I took his order. I knew I was probably never gonna see him again but I took the opportunity to write a song about having a crush. One of my favorite things to do when writing is to take a small experience from my life and build a bigger, more detailed story around it (even if it doesn’t actually happen) and that’s how I got Muse!

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

CATE: Yes. I’ve been writing since I was a freshman in high school, but it took until the beginning of my senior year to write something I wanted to put out. Nobody really knew I was writing songs back then and I was nervous that people wouldn’t think I was good, but I thought if I didn’t start putting myself out there I would never know. Also, I really love doing it and I decided that should be a good enough reason enough for me to try.


Q: How has being a music industry major at Northeastern University helped develop your sound as an artist?

CATE: I’ve taken some really cool songwriting and production classes that have definitely helped shape my creative process, but I think the biggest thing is being surrounded by other kids who are also passionate about music and writing. We all get to collaborate for projects and learn from each other along the way, and until I got to college I had never gotten to work with people my age.


Q: Your songwriting really shines on your EP, Missing. Lyrically, who are your biggest influences?

CATE: Thank you! I’d say for sure my biggest influence is Taylor Swift. I’ve grown up listening to her and I feel like she has an album for every stage in my life so far, and she inspired me to start writing when I was younger. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, Frank Ocean, and The Neighborhood. I think my style has changed a little since I released my EP as a result, so I’m super excited to release my next few singles.

Q: What is your personal favorite song from the EP?

CATE: I go back and forth between Muse and Let You In, but I’d say my favorite right now is Muse because I love the instrumental track and the mood it creates.


Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

CATE: I’m a competitive horseback rider, so I’ve been going back and forth between Boston and California for horse shows. I also have three dogs, so when I’m home I love taking them to the beach with my brother and hanging out with my family and friends.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant





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