“Sunflower” by Lagoon Wavey

Singer and songwriter Lagoon Wavey, also known as Sir Wavey, is back with his latest single “Sunflower”, an ambient, flowy R&B tune that is drenched in soul. Featuring sparse, emotional instrumentation paired with the singer’s dynamic vocals, “Sunflower” is the kind of song that will stop you in your tracks with its unmistakable raw realness.

“Sunflower” begins with light percussion and slightly distorted electric guitar arpeggios creating an otherworldly scene. The singer enters with smooth falsetto vocalizations that lead into the steady, thoughtful verse. Lagoon Wavey’s vocals waver between octaves in an impressively emotive display that adds depth and heart to the honest lyrics. The intensity of the percussion picks up as he sings “Tell me you love me just so I know you do”. Harmonies are used sparingly to emphasize the longing heartache of the narrative.

Lagoon Wavey was born and raised in Barbados, where he has found inspiration in the culture and musical history of the island nation. With “Sunflower, it’s apparent that the artist has an amazing talent for crafting captivating R&B songs with relatable and honest lyrics and evocative instrumentation. Add in his incredibly unique and engaging vocal talents, and it seems that Lagoon Wavey’s career has nowhere but up to grow.

Written by Katrina Charles



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