“Grace” by Brooke Alexx

Brooke Alexx’s single “Grace” is a fiery, energetic pop song that sweetly depicts the realization of finding out you’re just like your mother. This acoustically driven track perfectly utilizes emphasizing production to craft a song that seems simple but adds flare in all the right places.

Starting with an upbeat acoustic guitar riff that exudes an understated intensity, “Grace” draws you in with its encapsulating, matter-of-fact energy. Alexx’s voice is thoughtful and conversational in the verse before becoming straight-forward and soaring in the chorus as she sings “my friends say I’m too much, just like her” over rhythmically syncopated acoustic guitar strums. The chorus builds with percussion and glowing instrumentation that creates a bright, happy feeling as she ends the chorus “turns out I’m a little like Grace”. The verse pulls back to an acoustic feel with decorative vocal harmonies that add a wistful, nostalgic element.

Currently based in Nashville, Brooke Alexx is an Asian-American artist who is making her way to the top with her catchy, skillful songwriting and confident, bold perspective. With personal and clever lyrics that often draw comparison to fellow songwriter Taylor Swift, Alexx is an incredible artist who proudly shows who she is through her captivating, relatable music. “Grace” is the first single off her new EP that is set to be released in late summer of 2021, and, judging by this amazing song, it’s a release you won’t want to miss.

Written by Katrina Charles

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